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As an important transportation logistics equipment, containers need to be inspected and certificated so as to be ensured the quality and safety. No matter it is a dry & reefer container or tank container, no matter it is new or in-service, Bureau Veritas provides all-round inspection and certification services for transportation logistics equipment from manufacturing stage to ready for usage, to ensure they fully comply with the relevant series of regulations.

CNS Logistics has the local know-hows, assets, strong relationships with local port authorities, Customs, Immigration and other agencies, plus a vast global network to help liner operators execute operations timely and cost-efficiently. As a business partner, we will work together in penetrating local markets to advance your brand presence. We would be your liaising agent with exporters and importers to maximize business opportunities.

o Container Control
o Integrated Logistics Services
o Land Transportation
o Cargo & claims handling
o Cargo brokerage
o Market intelligence
o Comprehensive Services
o Weather Routing
o Performance Management Services
o Port/Terminal Condition Reports
o Repair Yard Supervision
o Storage and Distribution

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