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Working collaboratively with event organizers, transportation operators, police and local authorities, Steer can help devise and implement strategies to harness new tools and technologies, to deliver an amazing event experience where transportation isn’t a problem and where your customers are helped to and from the event at every step of their way.

Our core offer includes:

• Operational planning for transportation hubs, including stations and airport to drive efficient operations in periods of high demand
• Transportation strategies for venues and events
• Venue transportation operations
• Bids and proposals for major events
• Amend existing transportation plans to meet event-specific requirements
• Transportation planning for all client groups
• Traffic management plans
• Spectator demand forecasting
• Pedestrian modeling and crowd management
• Public transit capacity assessments
• Stadium design development
• Value engineering
• Accessible transportation
• Temporary transportation overlay
• Transit mall design/operation
• Park & Ride design and operation
• Arrivals and departures forecasting
• Travel demand management
• Wayfinding and signage strategy and design
• Website and journey planner design
• Supervision and management of event day operations
• Mobility planners providing real time event transportation advice and directions including ticketing
• Parking enforcement and resident parking zones”

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