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Direct-To-Store Floor-Ready Distribution Solutions


 CNS Logistics’ store-ready shipment solution provides fast, efficient logistics services for retailers and manufactures that required great speed for ongoing seasonal products destined for retail stores.

More consumers companies are turning to CNS Logistics for total supply chain visibility and inventory solutions.


  • CNS Logistics has the flexibility to allow rapid substitutions, in-transit reallocations, and stores ready shipment delivery to an industry whose profitability depends on these exact abilities.
  • These supply chain solutions reduce the cost transportation, warehousing, and distribution while maximizing responsiveness to major retailers.
  • Achieve maximum sales opportunities, often ahead of the competition while building customer loyalty through consistent product availability over the long term.
  • Cut days from traditional distribution, maximize inventory turns, reduce carry costs per shipments and ease the risk of stock-outs.
  • For sales product launches, we distribute time-sensitive displays and ends caps and advertising materials to stores.
  • CNS Logistics moves your supply chain decision-making point closer to final distribution, while at the same time meeting your customer’s demands.
  • We help you achieve economies of scale in warehousing, distribution and transportation to drive down your overall logistics costs.

With the strong tradition of success in the UAE CNS Logistics offers a wide range of supply chain services-from pick-pack services to a variety of levels: master, inner, or unit, warehousing and distribution services to transportation and freight management.

Additionally, these services are all backed by superior information technology, allowing you to track your inventory down to the SKU level as it moves through the supply chain.

As retailer increase the demand for vendors to deliver store-ready, consumer-ready merchandise, CNS Logistics can handle all details at the pre-ship point from anywhere in the world to your destination. Services offered include product selection, palletizing, shrink wrapping, loading and international freight management.

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