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Production Forecasting

Production Forecasting

We help suppliers with production forecasting, transportation management and distribution to better fill customer orders, while reducing total supply chain inventory with forecast visibility, comparing actual demand against DC-on-hand, store-on-hand and in-transit inventory.

Now you can postpone inventory ownership until shipment is in your site. Here’s how:

  • Once your inventory is moved to the CNS Logistics distribution center, we work with your suppliers to transition inventory ownership until demand occurs.
  • We can store and stage product for replenishment at our centers, often freeing up your space or limited store rooms.
  • We take full responsibility for your inventory, freeing you to spend the time running your business.
  • We also enable you to reduce supply chain inventory, eliminate out of stock goods and decrease logistics costs.

Using shared data, the suppliers can better plan production schedules, procure raw materials more efficiently and achieve greater stability through consistent demand planning.

Manage and Optimize your Supply Chain
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