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We can pickup and deliver provisions with a single phone call. Our DUBAI location also allows us to access multiple freight transport options for best-price and best-time delivery to both large and underserved loading ports. Your customer satisfaction is our priority, but we also know transportation costs matter to your bottom line.

• We are available 24/7 to meet your delivery needs
• We handle warehousing and distribution of all provisions for cruise ships of all sizes at any port worldwide, during short itinerary windows
• We are full-service freight forwarders and customs brokers who can fulfill the needs of your entire supply chain, including concessionaires
• We provide hand-carried, ship-to-ship pickups and deliveries, and ship delivery and pier coordination
• We can handle “stop ship” emergencies requiring the delivery of medical or other supplies
• We provide end-to-end logistics with warehousing, bonded handling, packing and unpacking, and distribution
• We do reverse logistics for vessel offloads
• We expedite delivery by knowing and complying with local regulations and Homeland Security procedures that impact the movement of items on and off ships, and providing certificates of compliance
• We provide value-added services, such as PO management, inventory tracking, insurance, and even crew mail collection and distribution
• CNS LOGISTICS provides end-to-end logistics for all type of dry and temperature-controlled cargo, including bonded, frozen/refrigerated, high-value, pick-pack, and sensitive cargo

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