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Cold Storage Warehousing

Cold Storage Warehousing

  • Cold logistics is complicated, but our goal is to make what’s complicated feel easy to you and help you with allocation planning, reducing wastage and saving money.
  • CNS Logistics will work hand in hand with your business; not just as a provider, but also as a partner. We’ve built our logistics solutions, backed with a strong Warehouse Management System to handle your products like they were our own.
  • Reduce cargo shifting charges and avoid long queues and waiting charges by the trucking companies – as our facility is loaded at the quay side of the port, and municipality checks are done at the facility itself.

CNS Cold Storage Facility

The largest Lloyds approved cold store in the Middle East is situated 30 meters from the quayside at Jebel Ali. Manned 24 hours a day by trained staff and equipped with sophisticated temperature-control systems, it offers space for 25,000 tons of frozen food and perishable. Both non-racked and open rooms are offered with a temperature range of -18°C to +5°C allowing speedy discharge/loading of cargo.

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