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Insurance Coverage & Claim Services

Insurance Coverage & Claim Services

At CNS Logistics, we have risk managed and have virtually zero room for errors. We combine the advantages of digital efficiency and transparency with record management and traditional checks and balances to ensure safe and secure transactions.

But because we understand the complexity of different modes of transporting goods, we enforce risk management and extensive insurance coverage to give our clients services they can trust.

When buying, selling or shipping goods globally, you need to understand what are known as Incoterms®, the rules for global trade set out by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). They affect the responsibilities of the different parties involved and your need for any insurance in the event of unforeseen incidents.


CNS LOGISTICS is committed to safe and secure cargo shipments. Cargo insurance gives you the added comfort of being protected against the unforeseen, such as loading incidents, extreme weather conditions or traffic accidents, warehousing leaks, damaged goods in storage period, theft, fire, miss delivery etc.

Our service includes:-

• Fast claims handling: receive payment usually within days
• One-stop shop: CNS handles transportation & warehouse service and insurance coverage and claims
• All-risks coverage
• Competitive rates
• Custom-made insurance

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