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Aircraft / Ship Charter

Aircraft / Ship Chartering

CNS Logistics is a specialist in turnkey and projects within many industries like Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, Marine, Military and Off-shore industries.

CNS’s chartering team is fully supported by an extensive database of ships and aircraft worldwide enabling rapid solutions in sourcing the most suitable ships and aircraft for the cargo at the time and place to suit our clients’ requirements.

We have the capability to work with you from Initial Proposal Stage through Firm Contract Stage – providing the client with outline feasibility assessments and budget costs when bidding for new business to be confirmed against final specifications and GA drawings when firm orders are secured.

We have a good reputation and relationship withmany first-class ship owners and aircraft owners and acts as commercial managers for most of them.

Our Chartering Commercial Department provides direction and correct advice to protect our clients’ business interests during the charter fixtures and operations and are dedicated with 24-7 customer support.

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