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International Air/ Sea/ Land Freight Forwarding Management

International Air/ Sea/ Land Freight Forwarding Management

CNS Logistics provides comprehensive and professional shipping and storage of products by air, sea, land or by rail (multimodal).

On behalf of our clients, we provide a full range of services including Tracking in-land transportation, preparing shipping documents (import, export, re-export), warehousing, booking cargo space with carriers, freight consolidation, cross-country and cross-continent consolidation and deconsolidation, providing delivery documents and freight collection services, providing cargo insurance, and filing insurance claims if needed.

Get the CNS Freight Forwarding Advantage:

  • CNS Logistics is recognized as a leading intermediary with strong buying power to provide extensive global coverage for transport and forwarding services.
  • You have single point of contact or access our portal/app to identify the right carriers, and trade lanes.
  • We track availability, frequency, transit time and cost, allowing ease of selection for the service level that best meets our client’s need.
  • Our team of highly specialized industry professionals always works to achieve the best possible solutions.
  • With our process-oriented approach and strong customer focus, you can be assured that we work extra hard in meeting your special requirements.
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