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CNS LOGISTICS sets strict criteria regarding financial security, professionalism and quality and all partners are required to adhere to a Code of Business Practice which encourages high operational standards and conduct. Identify Track Optimize Minimize Eliminate

No matter how you try to avoid time critical shipments or unplanned spend, they’ll inevitably pop up from time to time. That’s why it’s important to know you’re working with someone you trust to get the job done quickly, and well. Expedited shipments are typically approved in a rush to meet manufacturing schedules or customer deadlines. Many companies don’t have the time to learn how they can track and optimize their supply chain, which can reduce unplanned spend.

That’s where we come in.

By looking at the “big picture” and analyzing your shipping data, CNS Logistics International, Inc. can help you identify the characteristics of the shipments, track the reasons why expedited shipments took place, and discover operational inefficiencies or trends that might be the cause. Sometimes, an unbiased perspective or holistic outside view can reveal deficiencies in your supply chain that, if not resolved, will continue to cause the same chain reaction.

Manage and Optimize your Supply Chain
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