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CNS Logistics customers can benefit from CNS 282+ worldwide offices, fast responses, shipment collection and delivery, reliability, and the option to pay at the origin or destination offices or currencies.

International trade is a challenge to all businesses that seize the opportunity of growing in a globalized environment. With CNS Logistics services, you can improve operating efficiencies and cash flows with the streamlining of the entire lifecycle of a global trade.Wherever you trade, CNS Logistics can help you identify opportunities to grow your business internationally, as well as establish and maintain trade compliance programs and provide assistance in any aspect of your trade activities.

Our CFS being in the best strategic geographical locations, the scope for the consolidation and transshipment service is always on the rise. There is growing interest amongst a lot of multinational companies to source their procurement activities globally.

Effectively providing logistics support services has always been an important step in maintaining expert competitiveness. With the increasing need for intermodal logistics, new security considerations and regulatory frameworks, you need a reliable logistics partner. CNS Logistics provides the best quality, and efficiency of these services – qualities that will contribute to your business’ competitiveness in the market. And our goal is to support your business with international growth aspirations and logistics requirements. We will help you succeed whether it is Triangle shipment, Triangle trade, or Foreign-to-Foreign shipment.

Logistics & international Supply Chain Management Solutions
CNS Logistics finds ways to provide end-to-end logistics solutions to even the most dynamic and complex supply chain for category-specific markets. We look at challenging supply chains as an opportunity to utilize our extensive logistics experience and vast network and create an entirely customized scalable process for our clients.

Our Services include:
• Sales and Operational Planning
• Supply Chain/Logistics Diagnostic,
Evaluation & Strategy
• Supply Chain & Systems Implementations
• Supply Chain Strategy & Management
• Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization
• Supply Chain Health Checks
• Network Design & Solutions
• Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
• Procurement Services and Tender
• Inventory Management & Optimization
• Freight & Logistics Outsourcing
• Logistics Business Integration
• Storage Solutions and Material Handling
Equipment (MHE) Selection
• Supply Chain/Logistics Software (WMS)
Selection & Implementation
• Supply and Inventory Management
• DC Design & Operations
• Distribution Center & Warehousing Design –
Facility Layout
• Optimization of the Order-to-Delivery process
• Collaboration and Integration with Customers
& Suppliers

Manage and Optimize your Supply Chain
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