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Depending on the final destination, horses are required to undergo a 15–30 day quarantine. During this time, horses can lose a lot of weight due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise. We prepare your horse for the long journey ahead with high quality feed, turnout options and premium care.

We specialise in a wide range of animal transportation projects from international horse shipments, livestock and farming, to the relocation of exotic species. We have built trusted relationships with leading cargo airlines to provide unparalleled global access to hundreds of scheduled services. With 282 offices located in strategic positions worldwide, we are able to offer truly global coverage.

Our services include:

• All government requirements for Export/Import
• Application for import, export and transit permits
• All pre-export/post-import quarantine requirements
• All veterinary works including blood test and vaccinations
• Road transportation by good and disinfected trucks
• Transfers of registration and stud book if required
• Government veterinary inspections
• Airfreight, Airport handling and customs clearance
• Cross border documentations

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