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Logistics & international Supply Chain Management Solutions
CNS Logistics finds ways to provide end-to-end logistics solutions to even the most dynamic and complex supply chain for category-specific markets. We look at challenging supply chains as an opportunity to utilize our extensive logistics experience and vast network and create an entirely customized scalable process for our clients.

CNS Supply Chain Solutions has been quick to initiate the transformation from traditional physical to digital value chains and define digitization as a forward strategy. As a digital change agent, we manage data along the entire supply chain on behalf of the customer, analyze it with the appropriate business intelligence tools and take appropriate action. We offer our customers relevant integrated, scalable solutions along the entire order-to-cash cycle, create new state-of-the-art structures and optimize existing processes. We pay special attention to the areas of automation, data analysis (digital analysis) and the creation of digital added value.

Supply chain execution capabilities include configuring highly customized orders, as well as assembling and transforming semi-finished items into product variations with exacting standards.

There has always been a strong need for Control Towers in supply chains for three main reasons–
1) to remove all information delay,
2) to operate and make decisions in real time, and
3) to eradicate inventory buffers. We at CNS are passionate to view your supply chain holistically and work towards your business’ success. As your Logistics Control Tower, we will look at your supply chain end-to-end, integrate technology, manage transporters, coordinate with suppliers or any third parties, and maintain consistent information flow.

Let us help you decrease costs, manage risks, and improve efficiency by implementing solutions that deliver long-lasting value. CNS Logistics will work with you from evaluation and strategy to implementation, to help you work smarter and grow faster.
• Sales and Operational Planning
• Supply Chain/Logistics Diagnostic, Evaluation & Strategy
• Supply Chain & Systems Implementations
• Supply Chain Strategy & Management
• Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization
• Supply Chain Health Checks
• Network Design & Solutions
• Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Management
• Procurement Services and Tender Management
• Inventory Management & Optimization
• Freight & Logistics Outsourcing
• Logistics Business Integration
• Storage Solutions and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Selection
• Supply Chain/Logistics Software (WMS) Selection & Implementation
• Supply and Inventory Management
• DC Design & Operations
• Distribution Center & Warehousing Design – Facility Layout
• Optimization of the Order-to-Delivery process
• Collaboration and Integration with Customers & Suppliers

Manage and Optimize your Supply Chain
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