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Building projects are usually planned a long time in advance. But suppliers have to provide building materials to building sites at short notice when the actual construction work gets underway: the materials have to arrive in good time, construction phases require punctual deliveries and packaging has to be disposed of. As a result, intelligent production and sales planning and flexible warehousing and distribution are crucial for the producers and suppliers of building materials in order to guarantee availability, even at peak demand periods.

We can handle domestic and international transport services for building materials by seagoing and inland waterway vessels, rail or truck – right to the building site, if necessary. We can provide all type of storage areas and have the necessary special equipment to handle large-volume and bulky goods.


Let us help you decrease costs, manage risks, and improve efficiency by implementing solutions that deliver long-lasting value. CNS Logistics will work with you from evaluation and strategy to implementation, to help you work smarter and grow faster.
• Sales and Operational Planning
• Supply Chain/Logistics Diagnostic,
Evaluation & Strategy
• Supply Chain & Systems Implementations
• Supply Chain Strategy & Management
• Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization
• Supply Chain Health Checks
• Network Design & Solutions
• Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
• Procurement Services and Tender
• Inventory Management & Optimization
• Freight & Logistics Outsourcing
• Logistics Business Integration
• Storage Solutions and Material Handling
Equipment (MHE) Selection
• Supply Chain/Logistics Software (WMS)
Selection & Implementation
• Supply and Inventory Management
• DC Design & Operations
• Distribution Center & Warehousing Design –
Facility Layout
• Optimization of the Order-to-Delivery process
• Collaboration and Integration with Customers
& Suppliers

Manage and Optimize your Supply Chain
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