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CNS Logistics Hub located in JAFZA, is the most efficient logistics, multi-country, transshipment and re-export hub with a community that supports various sectors such FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Fresh Fruit, Fish and Vegetable, Cross Trade, Automotive, as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Logistics, Construction, Steel, Machinery, and many more.

Fresh Logistics supply chains are designed with little margin for error. This is partially due to the large number of parties involved, but also the perishable nature of the goods, safety regulations and cost pressures. This unique set of circumstances means successful food and beverage businesses are dependent on effective tracking, clear visibility and compliance.


CNS understands the need for secure, high-quality temperature-controlled facilities, especially with the fluctuating climate in the region. Temperature, moisture, and humidity affects the quality the goods and products. In our state-of the art green warehousing and distribution hub, we manage not only the temperature levels, but also the quality of equipment we use to handle our clients’ cargoes. We use batteryoperated forklifts to virtually remove any chance of contamination. We deploy trained and accredited staff to handle all cargoes.

For Growers and suppliers, by helping them to benefit from consistency and management of maturity, reducing grade-outs and rejections to deliver superior quality and extended product life. For Retailers, by providing extended quality freshness and shelf-life, delivering reduced in-store waste, greater availability on-shelf and increased sales as satisfied consumers return to buy more fruit, sea food, bakery items, vegetables more often.


• Arabic or Regional Language Stickers/Labelling
• Re-Packaging
• Co-Packing
• Pick Optimization, Packing, & Shipping
• Sorting/Segregation
• Quality Control
• Cross Docking / Cross stuffing
• Container/ Trailer / Pickup Loading/Unloading
• Inventory Management
• Palletization
• Shrink-Wrapping
• Assembly
• Kitting
• Printing & Coding Services
• Store Delivery
• Last Mile Delivery

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