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Emergency and Relief Logistics


Customers and NGOs reach out to us to move time sensitive, life-saving materials in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster. Our vast carrier network and overseas offices allows us the capability to respond quickly and efficiently following a catastrophe. We are ready to deploy and are able to mobilize response teams within hours. Shipment coordination to run precisely and flawlessly, with supplies like ice, medicine and ready-to-eat meals arriving on time and in perfect condition.

CNS LOGISTICS has been operating in exceptional speed and force with full potential during the peak of the pandemic period. Our Values and Strong Commitment to our Services and continuous engagement with our Clients, Suppliers, Staffs and Authorities to discuss and implement new strategies to keep all essential products supply chain moving by foreseeing any disruptions and of course by putting all advised safety aspects protocols and prevention back-up’s in place has benefitted everyone during these extraordinary challenging times.

Our Round the Clock Services in the UAE and across the region during the sudden closed borders, and challenging lockdowns did not stop one of our critical Cruise Logistics Department to provide essential supplies delivery services to sizeable cruise ships & it’s crews stranded at PORT RASHID Cruise Terminals in Dubai and others for many months. Upgradation and swift Implementation of digital technology providing E-services on Web portal and Virtual cargo viewings, facility tours and meetings eased our clients/any party’s not requiring for them to physically visit our facilities or any offices. Isolating all external contacts with our staff accommodations were swiftly scheduled and on an emergency basis as well ensured that they had all essential supplies stocks to lasts long and with all back up’s put in place to tackle any emergency situations including remote working. Individual safety awareness and measures, protective gears, employee Health check-ups, time to time updates and reinforcement in the facilities to follow necessary protocol to maintain, sanitization of all in contact items/products/equipment’s/vehicles etc., social distance especially for our frontline staff’s and disinfection in the premises and facilities throughout the working hours on a daily basis has been conducted.
This Pandemic has shown what an important component CNS Logistics services is to our Clients and to the society.

Time-Critical Shipments
Whether there is an emergency shipment or your business is time-critical in nature, CNS Logistics has proven track record in meeting time-bound logistics challenges. Our wide network, flexibility, skills and expertise helps us give solutions to our clients needs from rapid turnarounds to emergencies. We provide our expertise in planning, analysis, and utilize our vast network to activate urgent and critical deliveries, and handle large-scale critical projects from and to any location worldwide even in the most demanding timescale.

Our service include:

• 24 hour operational coverage
• Complete freight tracking and visibility while in transit
• Door to door delivery
• Ground, air, ocean services
• Staging and storage

Manage and Optimize your Supply Chain
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