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Hospitality Logistics


Whether you’re pampering your guests with a first-class hotel & Resort stays or an extraordinary foodservice experience, you can depend on to deliver your products with precision and care. While our final mile experts design and execute logistics services for your hospitality supplies, you can focus on what you do best – giving your guests an unmatched customer experience!

We offer real added value with hospitality services, such as the delivery of coffee, hygiene articles, fresh goods, and other food products or even vending machines, which go far beyond the usual supply on a cruise ship.


• Rely on our hotel logistics experts all around the globe
• Gain full transparency of all your shipments in route, goods in storage and deliveries on site
• Access our service capabilities freight, warehousing, customs, delivery and installation worldwide
• Trust our expertise during any phase of your project, from an opening plan design to timely refurbishment
• Achieve your sustainability goals in your supply chain with the help of our design consultancy services
• Personalize our services according to your specific needs and requirements

Manage and Optimize your Supply Chain
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