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Agriculture Logistics


“Shipping and logistics in the agricultural sector present challenges unique to agricultural production that require heavy-duty equipment and efficient transportation. Special needs such as agricultural machinery transport call for powerful shipping equipment operated by skilled transportation professionals. Local transportation regulations and international transport authorities can also complicate time and budget concerns by derailing your shipment schedules and adding permits and fees to your expenses.
Put your agricultural shipping needs in the hands of CNS LOGISTICS to make sure your tractors, trailers, balers, sprayers, and combines are shipped on-time and in-budget to your destination.”

Benefits at a glance
• Fast transportation lengthens shelf life – and that increases sales turnover and sale prices, particularly for cargo with a short shelf life
• Perishable food items are delivered quickly and according to demand, without compromising quality
• Air freight facilitates delivery of ripe fruit, which is of higher quality due to longer natural ripening on the tree

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